Day Statues


Miguel Rodríguez


The 45 symbols are based on the mood I have when I’m sitting in my workspace, either studying, working or playing. It is a very personal aspect of my life because I spend most of the time with one of these three activities. Each symbol has a literal and an emotional part, which is reflected in the lines expressing the imaginary, my thoughts, and the real, my body.

Shan Hai Ching


by Li Wen Chang

New York
The Shan Hai Ching symbols represent the Chinese gods which were introduced in a classic Chinese text of the same name. It can be translated as “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” and compiles a variety of early geography and myth. Versions of the text have existed since the 4th century BC. The ancient Chinese appreciated and worshiped nature, and abstract them through these texts into gods and other figures. The symbols mimic Chinese stamps in order to depict the identity of the gods and their omnipotence.





Chinese Cuisine


Zhu He

Hong Kong
The 45 symbols are inspired by the Chinese cuisine. They do not only represent Chinese dishes, but visualise people in a local restaurants as well as eating and cooking tools. Therefore it can be seen as a reflection of Chinese culture which is presented in the style of seal characters–a kind of script form in the evolutionary history of Chinese characters.

Chile stamp


Ricardo Vega

New York
The aim of this projects to represent some of the elements that can reflect the chilean culture and its spirit, based on stories, collective memory, typical food, the power of the landscapes, popular words and traditions, and the songs that fuels the spirit of the people, among others.The approach is not confined to an static moment, or based on national frontiers. The culture is movable, alive, multiple, with good and bad things, light and dark.




45 Compositions


Tsang Po Fan

Hong Kong
The 45 pictorial symbols are dedi- cated to the word »composition.« The set is incomplete if any one of them is missing. Therefore, the symbols are designed in a way that they can be reordered to tell a different story. How- ever, if only one part is missing the
story is fragmented.

Analog Machines


Wenting Zhang

New York
Analog machines and their input, process and output segments.


analogmachines5 analogmachines4 analogmachines3 analogmachines2 analogmachines1



Leung Chi Kwan

Hong Kong
Everything is composed by points, lines and planes; these three elements construct our world. Adding my own interpretation, the 45 symbols are recreated in a composition of dots, lines, and a surface.