Kayla Wong

The monsters reflected the personality and characteristics of different Hong Kongers. Although they are living in the same city, they all look unique and very different with each another. The big gap between the rich and the poor is one of the specific features in Hong Kong, which associated the living style and personality of the Hong Kongers. This work is to illustrate the people and the stories in my city.

Mission To Mars


Myron Darlington & Daniel Prescott

The Mission to Mars has captivated us, the idea of travelling to another planet in an attempt to survive, inhabit and colonise gripped us both. Within the symbols we wanted to play out scenarios that show the possible outcomes of the mission.There is always an element of risk when we push the boundaries of humankinds capabilities; the symbols ultimately lead us to two possible outcomes, life or death.

Black Matter


Regina Morgan

New York
Black Matter unites Rorschach tests, MRI brain scans, and design in order to prove that the schism between these subjects is a lot smaller than it may seem. The purpose of this project is to present an alternative approach to mental disorders, and depict the inherent beauty these disorders possess in the midst of chaos. We are confronted with the physicality of these disorders, and made to understand that it is shared amongst a community, and not just an individual phenomena.




Chloe Koo

New York


The symbols are designed based on Korea’s traditional clothing called Hanbok. This traditional dress features simple lines accented by vibrant colors and patterns. It reflects the custom, ideology, and behavior of ancestral Koreans. The symbols focus on patterns that were printed or handcrafted on Hanbok worn by rulers and aristocrats. They can be divided into five categories of different meaning: nature, plants, animals, geometry, and scripture. This set of symbols is based on plants, geometry and scripture to showcase the beauty and ideology of Korea.











Valentina Pherson

New York
The symbols are a toolset for learning, and for applying the various traditional positions within the daily prayer rituals for Muslims. Utilizing a grid structure, users of this symbol set can determine: time, position, hand placement, gaze, rak’ah, and duration of prayer. In total, there are over 150 symbols to represent a full day of prayer. The symbols are also translated into a rosary and earrings to allow mergence and identification with the culture.


In The Beginning


Jiyoon Lee

New York
Border Sacrifice to ShangTi
“When Te [ShangTi], the Lord, had so decreed, He called into existence heave, earth, and man. Between heaven and earth He separated placed in order men and things, all overspread by the heavens.”
Genesis 1:24 NKJV
“The Lord created the heavens by His command, the sun, moon, and stars by His spoken word…. When He spoke, the world was created; at His command everything appeared.”
“In the Beginning” illustrates the connection between biblical genesis and ancient Chinese concepts of early earth history. The overall structure of these symbols exhibits the method in creation from God creating the world in six days up to the divine rest on the seventh day. The shape and position of individual symbols adopt the radical system in ancient Chinese characters. The Chinese and Hebrew records of the beginning are interchangeable. After the introduction of Confucianism and
Taoism in the 9th century B.C., followed by Buddhism from in the 1st century B.C., ShangTi was largely forgotten as the one and only God in China. But the traces and narrative of the oldest recorded God in China has been preserved in the ancient character- writing system of Chinese. Instead of characters deriving from everyday life and ordinary objects, ideographs of ancient Chinese might include God’s plan laid out in the book of Genesis. These symbols intend to demonstrate the correlation within the creation narrative of two distinguished Chinese and Hebrew ancient civilization.

I want to eat chicken leg! Mammy!


Luna NG

Hong Kong
Based on the original shapes and meanings of the symbols of the Phaistos Disc, these visuals were created inspired by Chinese restaurants and culinary culture. The symbols builds a narration of a mother ordering healthy food while her son insists on having chicken legs. In the end restaurant workers and the customer get angry about heavy workload and unsatisfactory food.

Hinter Gittern


Carolina Arciniegas

 Windows reflect public space while enabling us to peek into the stories contained inside them. And there’s one thing unique to Bogotá windows: the iron bars in front of them. Beautifully designed, handcrafted, decorated, and full of creativity. In a huge and dangerous city they protect and honor the meaning of ‘home.’ But bars also awaken the impression of imprisonment. They secure, but in doing so they lock you inside, reinforcing the concept of a dangerous outside. Pretty prisons, but prisons nonetheless. The symbols represent 45 iron bar patterns discovered in different parts of Bogotá.













Bogotá is a big city. Everyday I have a reason to leave my apartment and lose myself in the concrete jungle; in these thousand small journeys some objects worry me deeply, objects dividing the inside of houses from the outside, the windows. In them the public space is reflected, but if you’re lucky, you might observe on the inside of the place the respective owner. I think windows are beautiful, full of stories, full of geometry and color.
Traveling to Germany last year I was surprised by the differences of the windows of all my life and those of Germany. I grew up with windows that have grates, for me beautiful grates, thought-through grates, decorated grates, grates full of creativity, grates that protect, because in the whole world big cities maintain danger and people want to feel secure in their homes. This doesn’t have to be something sad or ugly, but can be an opportunity to honor what is home.
At the same time as I admire the esthetics present in the window grates, I wonder for the impression of imprisonment they awake. Even though they’re beautiful, they are still window grates, bars, the secure you from the outside, but they lock you inside, they are pretty prisons, but prisons nonetheless. My 45 symbols were created coming from grates I encountered in some of my journeys through the city. They are 45 abstractions of existent grates, 45 explorations and attempts to answer some questions of security and the way of life in Bogotá.

Herbal Tradition


Valentina Osorio

Growing up, picking flowers and herbs was almost a family ritual. My family has specific beliefs surrounding these plants, and uses them to heal certain pains, as part of a beauty ritual or as a form of protection. I developed 45 symbols that show the way my family uses flowers, herbs, fruits, and root crops in our specific beliefs, and in applications that have been past down through generations. In this piece I want to enhance the intimate feminine relation between flowers and our bodies.

herbal1 herbal2 herbal3 herbal4 herbal5 herbal6

In 1783 and 1816 a Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada took place in what is now Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Peru and northern Brazil and western Guyana. Priest and botanist José Celestino Mutis led the expedition that revealed a detailed study of the more than 20,000 new species found.
Colombia has 5 distinct geographical regions: Andean region, Pacific coast, Caribbean coast, eastern savannah and Amazon jungle. Colombia is the only place on the planet where some specific ecosystems exist. This variety of climates and ecosystems are responsible for astonishing diversity of fauna and flora being the first country in birds and amphibians and second in plants
The special mega diversity and fertile grounds of Colombia directly affect de cultural development. The majority of the Colombian population are rural farmers or live of growing plats, flowers or food. This generates all kinds of cultural expressions surrounding the flora and fauna of Colombia, a few examples are the Flower fair in the city of Medellin and the Barranquilla carnival. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia witch means my hole life I’ve been surrounded by nature and I’ve learned to love it and respect it, though out generations my family has past on knowledge of how to plant and use all kinds of herbs, flowers, fruits and root crops.I live in the city but my parents live in a nearby town called Tabio because they have a big house with a large amount of green area, a difficult thing to find in the city. Every weekend I go to Tabio and spend time with my family, among the activities we commonly do, cooking and planting seeds are the most important, we enjoy doing it and it’s a hobby of ours since non of us do it for a living.
Picking flowers and herbs is almost a family ritual, our criteria is very personal, either because we like the color, shape or smell of the flower or because we want it for a specific medicinal use that our grandparents have taught us. In their rituals flowers start to be know for their use over their real name. My family has specific believes surrounding these plants using theme to heal certain pains, as a part of a beauty ritual or warnings. In this project I will develop 45 symbols that show the way my family uses flowers, herbs, fruits and root crops in our specific believes and applications that have been past down through generations.

Flight Paths and Motion


Sophie Green

Set of symbols comparing natural and manufactured bodies of flight whilst investigating the impact of
structure on motion and flight patterns.