Inequality of Urban Space

Roxana Dominguez


Inequality of Urban Space

The inequality that still prevails within the human race is a constant problem in our society. When living in an environment that is constantly deteriorating and is looked down upon without having a choice, the future generally is not so good. Regardless of the different incomes we have, a person’s quality of live should never be jeopardized because of things they have no control over.

I decided to focus on inequality as apparent in physical urban space. The consequences of such inequality reflect in the way neighborhoods are perceived and the stereotypes that surround them. The quality of life in a low-income neighborhood is extremely discouraging. It stops people from evolving and believing they can achieve more in life as opposed to a normal/higher-level neighborhood, where the grass is always greener.

My 45 symbols portray the evident differences between advantaged and disadvantaged neighborhoods and draw attention to the importance of the extreme disconnection between these two worlds. The way these symbols were drawn and illustrated reflect the quality of life in such neighborhoods. And while differences in income will always exist, the quality of life shouldn’t be at risk or compromised.

Roxana Dominguez

My name is Roxana Dominguez and I’m a senior currently studying Graphic Design at the University of Houston. Inequality, in any aspect, saddens me and as a graphic designer I have the opportunity to voice out my opinion and express myself freely. Through my work I transmit everything I feel with the intention that it somehow makes a connection with at least one person. Inequality in physical urban space is something that is unfair and its not taken as seriously as it should be. With these symbols, I hope to raise awareness and give the people who suffer from this situation the importance they deserve. No life should be compromised with events in their life they have no control over.

Living with Gods

Chieh-Ting Lee


Living with Gods

In Chinese religion gods will bless you if you show your profound respect and devotion. However, today we are no longer familiar with these gods’ identities or what they stand for. Which god is in charge of your hair cut? Which god takes responsibility for your social media activities? This project combines the ancient meaning of specific gods with contemporary life in Taiwan. The author translated the concept of gods to every day activities in his life. The “gods’ job descriptions” may have changed but they are still willing to help people who worship them with sincerely.

Chieh-Ting Lee

Lee, Chieh-ting, born in 1991, Taipei is a student of commercial design at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He received the following awards: 2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, ASAKURA NAOMI Award, Shanghai Biennial Exhibition of Asia Graphic Design 2015, Macau Design Biennial award 2015 & Blend-2015 International Typography Design Awards. His work is driven by experimenting with diverse materials and bilingual typography combining dierent materials and Chinese and English alphabets.

St. Peter

Christina Möser

A building is a physical object which gets its meaning from its usage. A vis- itor transforms the space by his pres- ence, but he also leaves his marks. Gradually all the materials wear off. These little scratches and imperfec- tions on the floors and walls form an unknown alphabet. The church seems to evolve into a book — it communi- cates. A single symbol may not have a particular meaning, but as a collective they represent the nature of the »Sankt Peter« Church in Cologne in
their entirety.

The Phaistos Tale

Christian Kuhn

The symbolic typeface of the Phaistos Disc not only brings up the question of its meaning, but also of its sound. The phonetic language, rhythm, and recur- ring sound patterns also contribute to the comprehension of an unknown language. The acoustic interpretation adds attributes to the symbols and makes the 4.000 years old tale aural.

A Kind of Writing

Vincent Yiu

Hong Kong
A king of writing is an experiment of the fluidity of ink and free form of strokes, working in a constructive and systematic way. Inspired by the writing method of Chinese herbal prescriptions. As how you write a certain things is also visualizing your understanding.

Hong Kong Style

Paper Use

Vinci To

Hong Kong
Although Hong Kong is not a very big place compared to other countries, citizens have their own unique style of living. The 45 symbols are based on the typical daily life of teenag- ers in Hong Kong. They visualize stereotypical aspects of thinking and acting. Can you identify with them? And which kind of lifestyle do you have?

Dots and Lines

Manho, Stella, Chibi and Crystal

Hong Kong
Our design transforms the Phaistos Disc into an abstract writing system – a set of symbols that consists of dots and lines. We then refine it by adding inner brackets and smoothening outer sharp ends. The type carries a sense of simplicity while each character presents strong visual stimulus.


Chung Mark

Hong Kong
The Phaistos Disc symbols are simplified and translated into a sans serif- typeface. The typeface is inspired by Ancient Chinese character strokes — specifically the big-seal script.

‘ 字


Hong Kong
字 is a collection of 45 symbols to show the combination of Chinese character strokes and the typeface Bodoni, which gives a dynamic appearance to the whole set.



Li Chung Chang

New York
»Zen,« a state of focus that incor- porates a total togetherness of body and mind in the present, is essential to Asian culture. To produce the sym- bols, the artist created 45 different states of mind to explore how emo- tions would affect the expression of his brush stroke. The final set mirrors the understanding of Zen and its phi- losophy by a young designer of Asian heritage working and living in New York City in 2014.