Kellee Morgado


Gender Expression

Intended to directly challenge the rigid gender binary imposed on individuals within society of the Western world. This set of 45 symbols was created through both personal experience as a gender fluid individual, questioning conventional gender attributes, and making observations. By presenting the most basic of human appearances across all genders, the viewer is encouraged to question societal convention both personally in their own identity as well as globally.

The stylization was inspired by the earliest of mark making in cave paintings and pictographs. It gives a nod to the evolution of gender expression through history across various cultures as well as being easy to identify as a symbol and narrative. Each symbol was created using a small round brush and black acrylic paint on paper. These marks were then translated digitally while retaining an analog quality and story in appearance.

Kellee Morgado

Kellee Morgado is a native of California and a senior studying graphic design at Appalachian State University. With this chosen field of study, Morgado is attracted to the broad range of analog methods involved in the discipline including drawing, letterpress, book arts, collage, mixed media and experimentation. It is this diversity that draws her to the field. Her creative practice is a balance of both the handmade and digital which is reflected in the touch that she brings with her approach to graphic design.