Cole Finch


Changing Cities

The intended goal of these forms is to produce structure of symbols that represent the transition of urban development to smart cities. The capability of the symbols is to represent a city personally on how it is changing also what the city is capable of at that moment. Smart city is an urban development of making a city more internally and externally connected with main interest of reduction of carbon footprint, efficiencies in the city as well as having connectedness of the society.

The stylization of these symbols were inspired by how a city achieves modern evolution and how urban development in construction of a city is the combination of buildings, businesses and groups of people. The city represents the key part of the idea of the symbols so it is presented as the midpoint of the all the symbols by placing its form in the center. As a city progresses it must build out. The symbols are intended to gesture to icons that are familiar to citizens in their everyday use or past tools. Easily identified with the navigation symbol having strong visual form of a compass and also the recycle symbol playing with the iconic recycling symbol with see today.

Cole Finch

Cole Finch is a student in the Graphic Design Program at the Appalachian State University, expected to graduate in December 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design also a business minor. He is the third son to a realtor and urban developer, which greatly impacts his work and influences his way of design. This has allowed him to connect plus communicate with people and material and create unity between the two. Upon graduation he hopes to further develop as a designer and help bridge gap between communications.