Jose Diaz


Endangered Animals

The world is constantly changing, but not always in a positive way. With the increase in human population, there is an excessive amount of demands on natural resources. Removing trees and plants to increase areas of cultivation has become a custom to our society. But what one does not realize is that this process destroys the homes and habitats of many species.

It appears that the amount of endangered species grows and grows everyday. Many creatures are hunted down for sport while others are killed for their fur or ivory tusks. Not all endangered species are being hunted, but the amount of pollution and filth created by humans are harming these creatures and causing them to decrease in population.

There are many organizations that try to protect these species from being extinct, but that is still not enough. These 45 symbols depict species that are in critical danger, as they are being depleted from the face of this earth. With these forty five symbols, I hope to bring more awareness to this crisis, as together we can stop this problem.

Jose Diaz

My name is Jose C. Diaz. I am currently a Graphic Design student at the University of Houston. I was introduced to this subject matter via a professor, but it turned out to be one of my favorite projects this semester. As a young graphic artists I enjoy illustration quite a bit, therefore the “45 Symbols” concept quickly peaked my interest.