Helen Nerio


Urban Connectivity

As humans we are always striving to connect with other people, their ideas, the environment we live in, and the context that surrounds us. Through time, people have continued to progress alongside technology with the concept of ‘connectivity’ evolving simultaneously.

Similar to our presence in a physical space, we exist in a digital realm that is seemingly much vaster than our perceived environment. Technology has driven humans to create digital networks that keep us connected to everything and everyone around us. Technological advances allow us to connect effortlessly and instantly with people around the globe. Digital networks constitute their own invisible space and we experience it as an expansion of our physical environment, such as our home, workplace, or car.

Each of the 45 symbols illustrates a different scenario of a network’s functionality, and how these connections relate to human interactions within a physical space.


Helen Nerio

Helen Nerio is a senior majoring in Graphic Design at the University of Houston. She was born in El Salvador and grew up in Katy, Texas.
Helen has a passion for lettering and learning new things. She also enjoys utilizing her design to bring about awareness of social issues. In the same vein, her 45 symbols serve to call attention to how technology has become such an important part of our lives.

After graduation, Helen plans on continuing to practice design and use her skillset to become a social entrepreneur.