Vanessa Ros


Energy Crisis

Energy is an elemental component in our life. For years, we have been relying on limited natural resources to fulfill our needs for energy. Coal, natural gas and oil cover 80% of our current energy needs in the world and the demand is expected to grow almost half over the next twenty years. These natural resources are in limited supply because it takes hundreds of thousands of years to replenish the assets. With seven billion people living on our planet, how long are we going to be able to rely on these resources? We only have an average of 70 years left of nonrenewable resources. Over-consumption, over-population, poor infrastructure and a deficient distribution system are just some of the factors that brought on this crisis. Reality is that it is impossible to have such high demand on limited natural resources without ultimately running out.

For my 45 symbols I was inspired by the wistful situation in my country. Venezuela is a country that has its entire economy based on petroleum. I have witnessed the mass amounts of destruction that humans cause for the sake of our economy.

Formally, I was inspired by electric circuits diagrams. Every symbol defines an aspect of the crisis and the decay and devastation of our natural resources. The varied weight of the lines show the degradation of our planet and how it is being destroyed by humans. The circles serve as a foundation for the almost incomplete lines.

Vanessa Ros

Vanessa is currently a senior Graphic design student at University of Houston. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Houston almost eight years ago. One of her biggest passions is lettering and typography. She is very influenced by her culture and try to bring different aspects to her designs. Coming from another country opened her eyes as a designer and definitely shaped who she is as a creative person. She is inspired by everything that surrounds her and is always open to learn new things.