Yoko Kristiansen


Watching You

Mass surveillance has been revealed to be more than just security cameras and police. In 2013, a whistleblower leaked information regarding the government having control over electronic information as well as phone calls. Authorities are able to tap into any calls or emails sent and received by everyone in the nation at will. However, this added security that our government claims to give us seems to be costing our privacy, and even tipping the balance of power. Does it really deter criminal activities? What if this power falls in the hands of those who would use it against us? What happens if we just reveal everything in the first place?

The symbols created for this project are designed to resemble a badge that can expose an individual’s identity. These symbols are to be worn to show a person’s intentions and emotions. Multiple symbols can be used together to accurately describe one’s state of mind. Imagine a dystopian society where we are all required to wear these symbols. There is no privacy to begin with. There is nothing to hide. Just a raw identity that can be surveyed by anyone at will.

Yoko Kristiansen

Yoko Kristiansen is a graphic designer based in Houston Texas. She studies at University of Houston.