Sergio Mantilla

Each country has its own idioms and language adaptations according to history and specific culture. The unique slang used by the citizens of Bogotá has not only become an integral part of the local identity it also mirrors the spontaneous en- ergy of the Columbians. This project visualizes the oral expressions focusing on their humorous character.
Spanish is a romance language of the Indo-European family from Spain. It is used in many parts of the world. The largest area of concentration of this language is found in Central and South America. It is considered the second most important language in the world with a total of 495 million speakers after English. There are over 7,000 languages in the world, many of them have built specific expressions and syntax changes within their own language.
Within this type of cultural events such are the idioms , sayings and proverbs etc. These are statements that reflect the experience, knowledge and traditions of a culture, from adaptations of his own language. This project was born in Bogota, Colombia. A country located south of Latin America, where the official language is Spanish.
Each place has its own idioms and language adaptations according to their culture, their people, their region, their context and their experiences. It is part of a series of words and colloquial terms that are often used between tradition and even Bogota have been coined from other parts and regions of the country and therefore propose a spectrum rich in details, such as accents, conjunctions and appropriation of words from other languages such as English, Italian and French.
The project “THE HOLY WORD OF BOGOTA” born from the search and investigation of caracteristic expressions divided into 5 catego- ries (Food – Expressions – Things – People – Objects).
From the category EXPRESSIONS have build- ed 45 symbols, which allows the graphical display of statements and expressions gener- ated from the union of words which blends the literal meaning of the same and its double meaning. The project’s main interest lies in the need to show foreigners a deep look of what the city of Bogota and Colombia from a unique perspective from adaptations that we ourselves have made our language.