Hong Kong Style

Paper Use

Vinci To

Hong Kong
Although Hong Kong is not a very big place compared to other countries, citizens have their own unique style of living. The 45 symbols are based on the typical daily life of teenag- ers in Hong Kong. They visualize stereotypical aspects of thinking and acting. Can you identify with them? And which kind of lifestyle do you have?

Dots and Lines

Manho, Stella, Chibi and Crystal

Hong Kong
Our design transforms the Phaistos Disc into an abstract writing system – a set of symbols that consists of dots and lines. We then refine it by adding inner brackets and smoothening outer sharp ends. The type carries a sense of simplicity while each character presents strong visual stimulus.


Chung Mark

Hong Kong
The Phaistos Disc symbols are simplified and translated into a sans serif- typeface. The typeface is inspired by Ancient Chinese character strokes — specifically the big-seal script.

‘ 字


Hong Kong
字 is a collection of 45 symbols to show the combination of Chinese character strokes and the typeface Bodoni, which gives a dynamic appearance to the whole set.



Li Chung Chang

New York
»Zen,« a state of focus that incor- porates a total togetherness of body and mind in the present, is essential to Asian culture. To produce the sym- bols, the artist created 45 different states of mind to explore how emo- tions would affect the expression of his brush stroke. The final set mirrors the understanding of Zen and its phi- losophy by a young designer of Asian heritage working and living in New York City in 2014.





Caleb Hui

Hong Kong
These 45 symbols represent a story of a friend of mine. He thinks that he does not belong to this city, this country, this world. He takes drugs and he believes that only drugs can bring him out of the reality. I define these symbols with different meanings, between wishful thinking and reality.


Wild Blue Yonder


Cody Pumper

New York
Wild Blue Yonder captures the mystery and power experienced growing up as a child living on military installations. Inspired by video games, wrought with childhood conflict, and simplified into isometric forms, the dense shapes are left harsh, yet the subjects are approached as ideal, toy-like forms. When living in a world where everything is constantly changed by higher authorities—authorities you do not understand—play becomes a means of survival.

When Curves Meet Counters

Anthony Law

Hong Kong
Counters and curves are two elements of typography that profoundly impact the visual appearance of a font. The symbols of When Curves Meet Counters are solely based on these two components. Typesetting the 45 symbols of this set, they remind me of two little kids playing in a swimming pool. Enjoy!

Visual Slang

Sergio Mantilla

Each country has its own idioms and language adaptations according to history and specific culture. The unique slang used by the citizens of Bogotá has not only become an integral part of the local identity it also mirrors the spontaneous en- ergy of the Columbians. This project visualizes the oral expressions focusing on their humorous character.
Spanish is a romance language of the Indo-European family from Spain. It is used in many parts of the world. The largest area of concentration of this language is found in Central and South America. It is considered the second most important language in the world with a total of 495 million speakers after English. There are over 7,000 languages in the world, many of them have built specific expressions and syntax changes within their own language.
Within this type of cultural events such are the idioms , sayings and proverbs etc. These are statements that reflect the experience, knowledge and traditions of a culture, from adaptations of his own language. This project was born in Bogota, Colombia. A country located south of Latin America, where the official language is Spanish.
Each place has its own idioms and language adaptations according to their culture, their people, their region, their context and their experiences. It is part of a series of words and colloquial terms that are often used between tradition and even Bogota have been coined from other parts and regions of the country and therefore propose a spectrum rich in details, such as accents, conjunctions and appropriation of words from other languages such as English, Italian and French.
The project “THE HOLY WORD OF BOGOTA” born from the search and investigation of caracteristic expressions divided into 5 catego- ries (Food – Expressions – Things – People – Objects).
From the category EXPRESSIONS have build- ed 45 symbols, which allows the graphical display of statements and expressions gener- ated from the union of words which blends the literal meaning of the same and its double meaning. The project’s main interest lies in the need to show foreigners a deep look of what the city of Bogota and Colombia from a unique perspective from adaptations that we ourselves have made our language.

Twenty Two Pairs and Me

Mally Cheung

Hong Kong
Twenty Two Pairs and Me is based on the 45 symbols of the Phaistos Disc. Despite their original meanings, I integrated my personal ideas about the symbols and created my own individual set. Each pair of this set describes the same object or the same event: one of them visualizes my imagination, and the other one the reality. The last– and only single symbol–combines both approaches. The set of symbols tells 23 stories about me and how I think about the things that surround me.